I am currently being treated by both peter and jo. When I met them I was depressed to the point I was suicidal, I felt trapped by my addictions and had lost all light at the end of the tunnel.

With peter I have tackled my addictions, I understand my cravings now and my triggers that bring them on. Peter treats me like an equal and has made me feel comfortable and supported through all of my recovery.

Jo has been equally brilliant in dealing with my depression and anxiety. I’ve learnt different ways of thinking and different ways of behaving that have led to me feeling strong and happy again.

Because of jo and peter I feel I have my smile, laugh and above all my life back.

~Chris 28

Jo Rodriguez quite simply changed my life; After leading doctors from all over the world failed to help me solve my years of chronic and debilitating pain, I began working with Jo. Her expertise in her field combined with extraordinary kindness and compassion have been key in my recovery.

~Isla 30

If it hadn’t been for Peter, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. Peter didn’t see me as an addict, but as an equal human being who needed help. He helped me to build up my self-esteem and self-confidence again. I learnt some tools, which I still use today. He helped me to see the opportunities in life, instead of the limitations. Today I am clean and living a wonderful life.

~Matheis 25

When I first started seeing Jo, I was suffering with terrible anxiety and low self esteem. It was affecting my work, my friendships and my relationship. With Jo’s help I am now in a place where I can manage my anxiety and understand my emotions and feeling. She introduced me to techniques that I use daily which have helped changed my focus and mindset. I’m in a much better place and feel my anxiety is now manageable. Jo’s help and support has been invaluable and I can’t thank her enough.

~Sarah 30

Peter made me feel seen, respected and accepted. With his experience in the area and his big heart, his words had so much meaning to me. Today I life a lovely life and am studying to be a nurse.

~Carina 20

I went to see Jo after feeling depressed for a while, she has this wonderful ability to make you feel at ease and her empathic, warm and yet professional approach is testament of how invested she was in helping to lift me out of the dark place I found myself in. It was all thanks to Jo and her encouragement that I finally felt like my old self and started enjoying life again. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Jo to any of my friends or family.

~Charlotte 40

Before I met Peter, I did not want anything from my life. When I started having sessions with Peter, I began to realise a lot of things, and my treatment really took off. We worked with my mind, and my ability to see things that I didn’t see before. He enabled me to see qualities in myself that I hadn’t seen and this made me value myself more. Peter was very honest and up front with me, but also calm, present and knowledgeable. He managed to pick me up when I had given up. To me he is very special.

~Nicolas 28